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What is Custom Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is custom-tailoring solutions for the special needs of patients
and physicians.

Anderson Pharmacy CompoundingPharmacy compounding is custom-tailoring solutions for the special needs of patients and physicians.


Compounding is achieved through an essential triad relationship – patient, physician and pharmacist. The physician first prescribes the medication, and then the pharmacist takes the necessary ingredients, compounds them, and dispenses the medicine to the patient after a thorough consultation. This enables patients to receive the type of personalized care they deserve and allows independent community pharmacists the opportunity to provide superior, patient-oriented services.

Reasons for Compounding

There are several reasons why pharmacists compound prescription medications; yet, the most important one is patient noncompliance. Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or are sensitive to standard drug strengths. With a physician’s prescription, a compounding pharmacist can change the strength of a medication, alter its form to make it easier for the patient to ingest, and add flavor to it to make it more palatable. The pharmacist can also prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as sublingual troche or lozenge, a lollipop, or a transdermal gel. Or, for those patients who are having a difficult time swallowing a capsule, a compounding pharmacist can make a suspension instead.

Often parents have a tough time getting their children to take their medicine because of the taste. A compounding pharmacist can work directly with the physician and the patient to select a flavoring agent, such as Watermelon or Tutti Frutti, which provides both an appropriate match for the medications’ properties and the patient’s taste preferences.

Compounding Solutions

• Dermatological preparations for skin disorders including psoriasis or shingles
• Ear gels for pets to avoid unpleasantness of oral medications
• Custom-designed dosage forms for hemorrhoids and fissures
• Compounded pain management solutions
• Wound care and hospice
• Sports medicine
• Physical therapy
• Dental Compounding
• Weight loss and smoking cessation lollipops & troches

Dosage Form Examples

• Oral Syringes - improve dosing accuracy
• Capsules – extended-release formulations
• Troches - “lozenges” that dissolve in the mouth
• Gummy Gels – chewable forms are great with kids
• Lollipops – convenient dosage form for extended delivery and local effect
• Transdermal Gel, Cream and Stick – great alternative to oral forms
• Emollient Cream – helpful for dermatological conditions
• Lip Balm Applicators – super for “spot” application
• Otic Medications
• Suppositories
• Foam Base

Customized Veterinary Compounding Needs

Pharmacists and veterinarians can work together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success and compliance of pets, exotics, wildlife, zoo animals, large & small animals (and reduce the overall cost of animal care).

Veterinary Preparations Currently Compounded:

• Creams, ointments and lotions
• Commercially unavailable medications
• Flavor specialization
• Sugar-free formulations
• Transdermals
• Chewable flavored troches
• Otic solutions and non-aqueous suspensions
• Oral suspensions and paste
• Otic insufflations
• Gel–topical/oral
• Rectal suppositories
• Individualized concentrated doses
• Combination medications
• Medicated biscuits/treatment



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